Seeking out to outperform

To find the right opportunities, at the best price, with mitigated risk. This is what we strive for, and this is where we thrive.

A strategy to give investors a professional edge

Ridge Capital is a young company, fully owned by its two founders. Our main focus is to identify high yielding and low risk opportunities in the Nordic corporate bond markets. Through systematic deep credit analysis, we aim to significantly lower default rates compared to the competition. We actively manage our portfolio, contrary to passively holding bonds until maturity.

This, in combination with a proprietary investment network and a top ranked portfolio manager team has in a short time brought our Nordic listed High Yield bond strategy to a top position among 100+ competitors.

We don’t work for our investors. We are investing alongside them

We walk the walk, and we practice what we preach. The founders of Ridge Capital have invested significantly in the strategy of the firm and have committed to reinvesting future management fees. 

For us it is a matter of trust. We want to build a bond and share a common goal with our investors.


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