About us

Founded to seize opportunity

Having known each other since their time at Stockholm School of Economics, the founders Christoffer Malmström and Måns Levin had a common dream of one day founding and building a company of their own.

After both having spent years in financial institutions in Sweden and abroad, they met in Stockholm and realized that it was the right moment in life and the right moment in time to make the dream come true.

Above all they saw a unique opportunity in the Nordic high yield bonds market and realized that between the two of them they had the right knowledge, expertise, and networks to build a strategy that could give investors an edge.

In the future, Ridge Capital might look beyond the Nordics. We also might look into other alternative investments. Finding opportunity that others might not see. That is what our company is all about.

Our investment philosophy

All our investment decisions and everything we do is based on a strive for excellence. This is how we do it:

Cautious risk management and systematic credit evaluation

To ensure that we only undertake risks within our comfort level, every investment decision is carefully assessed and evaluated. Extensive due diligence processes and meticulous risk management strategies combined with a bottom-up credit analysis enables us to effectively mitigate risks and shield against potential unfavourable consequences.

We evaluate the financial health, industry dynamics, management capabilities and assess factors such as cash flow generation, debt sustainability, management quality, and competitive positioning – all with the goal to select high yield securities with strong individual credit profiles, poised for outperformance.

Preservation of capital

Our primary objective is to provide reliable returns while also minimizing the potential for adverse outcomes. To achieve this, we employ a range of strategies such as hedging, portfolio diversification, and comprehensive downside risk analysis. These measures enable us to navigate market downturns and protect investors’ capital during periods of heightened volatility or challenging market conditions.

Capturing value through a quality bias

We invest in high yield securities issued by companies with stronger credit profiles. We seek issuers with lower default risks and better financial metrics. This helps us build a more resilient and less volatile high yield portfolio.

We seek out undervalued securities with favourable pricing dynamics and look for stable companies with fairly priced bonds. This balanced approach allows us to capture potential value while also prioritizing investments in financially sound entities.

A focus on predictable income

We aim to provide predictable income streams for our investors by investing in high yield securities with consistent and attractive coupon payments. This is achieved through a robust portfolio of income-generating assets where stable cash flow is prioritized.

Active trading on opportunities

Actively seizing opportunities in the market is a key aspect of our approach. We actively trade within the secondary market of high yield securities and aim to capture short-term price movements and leverage market inefficiencies. Our goal is to identify investment opportunities and capitalize on short-term market fluctuations.

We capitalize on capital structure arbitrage and yield curve positioning. This involves investing in different parts of a company’s capital structure to exploit pricing inefficiencies.
In addition, we strategically position the portfolio along the yield curve by investing in high yield securities with varying maturities.

ESG integration

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are integrated into our investment process. We prioritize investing in companies that demonstrate genuine responsibility and sustainable business practices. This approach allows us to align attractive yield opportunities with ESG principles, resulting in a more sustainable and socially responsible portfolio.

Team in Stockholm

Christoffer Malmström

Founding partner, Lead Portfolio Manager

MSc in Finance – Stockholm School of Economics

Christoffer’s credit investing experience dates back to 2011. Prior to Ridge Capital he was a partner at NCP. Before joining NCP, he spent several years in London working for UBS Investment Bank and Park Square Capital, a credit fund with over 12b USD in assets under management. Additionally, Christoffer has also served as CFO for a holding company operating across the Media, Technology and Healthcare sectors.

Måns Levin

Founding partner, Portfolio Manager & CEO

MSc in Finance – Stockholm School of Economics

Starting his career before the financial crisis in 2008, Måns has managed portfolios and provided strategic advice to a diverse clientele including single and multi-family offices, investment firms, institutions, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. His comprehensive approach encompasses strategies, assets, and liabilities. Prior to Ridge Capital he was Head of the Advisory Office at UBS Wealth Management in Sweden. Before UBS, his expertise was honed at Carnegie Investment Bank and HQ Bank.

David-Anthony Carenco

International Business Developer

Diploma of University Technology – Paris X University

David-Anthony, also known as DA, has over two decades of experience from front office roles at leading brokerage firms and asset management companies. He has provided financial services and successfully raised assets for European institutional clients, particularly in the UK and the Nordic countries. Before entering his position at Ridge Capital, he established the inaugural Nordic branch of the Franco-German Bank Oddo BHF in Stockholm. His expertise was further refined at Finacor, the largest interest rate inter-dealer in France.

Our advisors

Part of Ridge Capital’s success can be explained by the expertise and guidance of our team of industry advisors. They come from diverse backgrounds, have extensive experience across multiple industries, sectors, and geographies. They bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic insights to our investment decisions. They make it easier for us to navigate complexities and seize promising opportunities in today’s dynamic markets.

Our board in Luxembourg

Mikael Holmberg

Senior advisor

The career of Mikael Holmberg showcases an impressive track record in the financial industry. He has extensive experience serving on the boards of various companies. He has held key positions in investment firms, family offices, and management companies. 

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Mr Holmberg’s expertise extends to private banking, corporate administration, alternative investment fund management, and global media and digital business. Additionally, he has a background in finance, having served in roles such as Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Controller. 

Based in Luxembourg, he is highly accomplished and brings a wealth of knowledge to his current position as an independent member of the board at Ridge Capital GP S.à r.l. He is a professional investor and has invested in the strategy.  Furthermore, Mr Holmberg enjoys tennis, traveling and music, and is married with two grown up children. 

Luc Régent

Senior advisor

Mr Régent is an experienced independent non-executive director with a specialization in asset management, particularly in funds and management companies. With over 20 years of expertise, he excels in areas such as corporate and fund governance, valuation, regulatory matters, investment compliance, risk management, and distribution. 

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Mr Régent holds independent positions on the board of directors of various investment funds, general partners, and investment vehicles, including UCITS funds and alternative funds. Luc has a strong background in audit and fund accounting, having served as an Audit Director at PwC Luxembourg and PwC New York, where he gained exposure to global fund managers and alternative funds. 

Luc actively contributes to promoting good governance practices in the asset management industry and holds qualifications from INSEAD, University of Cambridge and SKEMA Management School. He is fluent in French and English. Luc enjoys family outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and sailing.

Kelly Anckenmann

Senior advisor

Luxembourg resident Kelly Anckenmann is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge of the Luxembourg finance industry. With almost two decades of experience in prestigious companies, she has excelled in business management, legal, and corporate secretarial matters. 

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Kelly has a proven track record of identifying business opportunities and risks. She is skilled in managing multiple projects and roadmaps in the fund management industry. Fluent in French, German, English, and Luxembourgish, Kelly is also a member of Women on Board, LPEA, and LuxREAL. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding and participating in auto sports.

Christoffer Malmström